Portion sizes during weaning-The bottom line

 How much should my baby eat?You often ask this. But did you know that there are no recommended portion sizes for babies?And yet you'll see lots of prescriptive weaning advice recommending them. Feed to appetite, not to portion sizeResearchers acknowledge...

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Make dessert work for you

  Over 1 in 3 of you said you're OK with serving dessert every day I agree! Why not, it tastes great, it boosts nutrition, and it's quick to get on the table. But it depends on the definition of dessert, doesn't it?   Dessert means different things to...

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Chia Jam

 Not jam as you know itChia jam is:Quicker to makeLower sugar contentHigher in fibre Chia jam doesn't rely on sugar to set. The chia seeds take over this job whilst also providing lots of nutrients like fibre, healthy fat, protein and iron.  How to eat...

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The big switch-Moo-ving on to cows milk

 Congratulations, your baby's almost one!  So along with finalising the party invite list, making the cake and arranging the photo shoot. You're also wondering how to make the switch to cows milk. Here are some questions to consider  I'm breastfeeding, do...

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3 things you need to know about your newborn

3 things you need to know about your newborn   As the saying goes.... Babies aren't born with an instruction manual. Unfortunately, this may result in hours googling and a fortune on wonder cures trying to cure  problems that don't exist. These perceived...

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Gingerbread Men (reduced sugar)

Mini Gingerbread Men (reduced sugar version!) Most kids love gingerbread men and this reduced sugar recipe is the perfect one to bake together. Using a mini Gingerbread man cutter ensures you'll get about 60 mini men (or stars) from this recipe with...

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Baby’s First Christmas Dinner- Two Ways!

Get Ahead Christmas Dinner for your baby-Two Ways!  If you've followed me for a while or been to my Baby Weaning Class, you'll know that I'm a big fan of adapting family meals for your baby rather than cooking separate dishes. But with the best will in the...

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Mince Pie Porridge (with printable recipe card)

Mince Pie Porridge This bowl of festiveness is the perfect way to start Christmas Day or really any other day in December! Best of all it can be enjoyed by everyone from your baby to your granny and is easily prepped the night before. What more could you...

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5 Steps to Raising a Happy, Healthy Eater

  Did you know that you'll prepare about 28,000 meals for your child over their childhood?!? Ahhhh! As you know, I'm a mum as well as a dietitian, so I'm well aware that the reality of family mealtimes is not always picture-perfect. As you can see from the...

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Finger food weaning ideas to get you started

Finger food weaning ideas to get you started?   Ready to embrace full-on baby-led weaning? Or easing yourself in with a combined approach to weaning? Either way, finger foods have a lot to offer you and your baby.Benefits for your baby include:Improved...

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What does refined sugar free mean anyway?

What does refined sugar-free mean anyway?  #naturallysweetened, #refinedsugarfree, #noaddedsugar. How's a parent meant to know the difference, is there any difference or is it all just nutribollocks?!Pretty much! These trendy hashtags tell us nothing about...

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Baby Weaning Class

Starting your baby on solids is a minefield. With so much conflicting information, it's hard to know who or what to believe.
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Fussy Eating Class

Feeding toddlers and young children can be a real challenge for parents. Our Fussy Eating Class will give you all the information you need for stress free mealtimes.
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Consult a dietitian

Caroline, our Cork-based dietitian sees babies and children with food allergies, gut issues, weaning, fussy eating and more.
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Read my blog

Do I have to choose between Baby Led Weaning and Spoonfeeding. The great Spoon Vs BLW debate!
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