Finger food weaning ideas to get you started

Finger food weaning ideas to get you started?   Ready to embrace full-on baby-led weaning? Or easing yourself in with a combined approach to weaning? Either way, finger foods have a lot to offer you and your baby.Benefits for your baby include:Improved...

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What does refined sugar free mean anyway?

What does refined sugar-free mean anyway?  #naturallysweetened, #refinedsugarfree, #noaddedsugar. How's a parent meant to know the difference, is there any difference or is it all just nutribollocks?!Pretty much! These trendy hashtags tell us nothing about...

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Typical Feeding Plan For a Toddler (Infographic)

A day in the life of a toddler   I hope that you've found my previous plans for your 7-9-month-old and 10-12-month-olds useful. If so, you'll love this feeding plan for toddlers too.     The usual disclaimer! This plan is there to guide you....

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Typical Feeding Plan 10-12 Month Old (Infographic)

A day in the life of a 10-12-month-old   Since I posted my 7-9-month-old feeding plan a few months ago, pleas have flooded in from followers for follow-on guides. And, finally here is the next instalment.     Firstly though, a disclaimer!...

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Baby Food Pouches-Yay or Nay?

Baby Food Pouches-Yay or Nay?   Early childhood is a critical time for establishing food preferences, and the tastes infants are exposed to at an early age have long-lasting effects on their liking of specific tastes. First Steps Nutrition Trust...

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Feeding your weaning baby while you’re on holidays!

Feeding your baby while on holiday     One baby. Two cars. The kitchen sink. This was how we approached our first family holiday, which incidentally was ninety minutes from home. Three kids later and I’m proud to say that I’ve gotten packing lite...

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Understanding reflux and your baby

Understanding reflux and your baby Happy spitter or scrawny screamer? There are entire Facebook groups, books and websites dedicated to helping parents survive, diagnose and manage reflux in their babies. However, much misinformation abounds, our blog will...

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Salt and your weaning baby (A Simple Guide)

Salt in weaning?     Most parents realise that weaning babies shouldn't be given too much salt, especially in the first year. But, what is too much? We do know that across the whole population, salt intakes are higher than recommended including...

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Weaning Inspiration-The Tricky Third Meal

The Tricky Third Meal- Dinner or Tea?   By 7 months offer your baby three meals a day with milk in between ‘But what do I give for the third meal?'   This is a common question asked at our Baby Weaning Class and during one-to-one consultations....

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Veggie Bean Burgers (Iron Recipe)

We now have research showing that babies following a Baby-Led Weaning approach can get the iron they need for good health provided they are offered high iron foods at each meal. These little bean burgers contain three iron-rich foods, kidney beans,...

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Baby Weaning Class

Starting your baby on solids is a minefield. With so much conflicting information, it's hard to know who or what to believe.
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Fussy Eating Class

Feeding toddlers and young children can be a real challenge for parents. Our Fussy Eating Class will give you all the information you need for stress free mealtimes.
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Consult a dietitian

Caroline, our Cork-based dietitian sees babies and children with food allergies, gut issues, weaning, fussy eating and more.
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Do I have to choose between Baby Led Weaning and Spoonfeeding. The great Spoon Vs BLW debate!
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