When and how to introduce gluten to your baby?

The advice about when and how best to introduce gluten to your baby has changed quite a bit in recent years. In this blog article we'll look at the latest evidence.   What is Gluten?  You've probably heard a lot about gluten in recent years with the...

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Have you heard of ‘Vegetable First’ Baby Weaning?

Weaning is such an important time for setting up healthy eating habits. One of the reasons for this is because we can actually 'train' our baby to develop a taste for certain foods during weaning.   Babies are born with a preference for sweet foods and...

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Halloween Ghoulash

  This is the perfect Halloween dinner. It's warm, comforting, has a great texture for younger children and best of all can be made in advance. In fact, it's even better the day after cooking.  500 grams Stewing Beef1 tbsp Rapeseed oil2 Onions (chopped)1...

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How I manage a happy and healthy Halloween?

What to say about a healthy Halloween? I've been thinking a lot about this over the last month. Originally, I thought about healthy Halloween food ideas, but then realised creating teeny Jack O Lanterns from satsumas isn't everyone's cup of tea. And let’s...

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3 Steps To Choosing the Right Highchair

3 Steps to choosing the right highchair for your baby Believe it or not, choosing your baby's highchair is more important than you might think. Above all a good highchair: 1. Helps your baby to eat safely 2. Is comfortable which encourages your child to...

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Breastfeeding, my way!

Breastfeeding, my dietitian mum way! To celebrate National Breastfeeding Week 2018 I've pulled together some practical tips on how to successfully breastfeed from my dietitian mum perspective. So, if you're pregnant or just starting out on your...

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Flourless Chocolate Banana Muffins

A weekend snack, perfect for children (or adults) on a gluten, wheat  or dairy free diet or simply as a change from regular muffins. These are made from ground almonds so they have a moist, almost fudgy texture and are higher in protein than traditional...

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Have Fun With Food (Outside the kitchen)

How To Have Fun With Food (Outside the kitchen!)   Helping your child to become familiar with foods doesn’t just happen at mealtimes. Exploring food is often a lot more enjoyable for kids (and parents) when there’s no expectation to eat it.   Head online,...

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What is wrong with a boring school lunch?

Absolutely not! Well if you believe social media at this time of year you'd think parents can’t make a school lunch without lunch packing strategies and a never-ending supply of menu suggestions and recipes.   But realistically, think about it! What did...

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Feeding your weaning baby while you’re on holidays!

Our first holiday We braved our first family holiday when our first baby was six months old and we had just started baby weaning, a week in a self-catering house ninety minutes from home. I’m almost too embarrassed to admit this, we brought both cars with...

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Baby Weaning Class

Starting your baby on solids is a minefield. With so much conflicting information, it's hard to know who or what to believe.
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Fussy Eating Class

Feeding toddlers and young children can be a real challenge for parents. Our Fussy Eating Class will give you all the information you need for stress free mealtimes.
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Consult a dietitian

Caroline, our Cork-based dietitian sees babies and children with food allergies, gut issues, weaning, fussy eating and more.
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Read my blog

Do I have to choose between Baby Led Weaning and Spoonfeeding. The great Spoon Vs BLW debate!
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