Parents ask me all the time for sample meal plans for their babies. I totally understand! it can be tricky to balance food and milk feeds. However, I always point out to parents at our Baby Weaning Class, most weaning books on the market give unnecessarily detailed weekly plans. While these are great for guidance, they can be restrictive when followed strictly. They go against the philosophy of including your baby in family meals. Also, although variety is important during the weaning phase, it’s unrealistic to prepare seven different breakfast, lunch recipes and dinner recipes every week just for your baby.


So, I’ve put together ‘A Day in the Life of a 7-9 month old’ to offer you guidance on how to structure meals and milk throughout the day. I’ve included guidance on the types of foods it’s useful to include at every meal but you should offer these in ways that fit in with your own family diet.

For example, I have advised that lunch and dinner should contain meat, fish, eggs, beans or lentils, to meet your baby’s iron needs. However, fish could be a fish pie with potatoes and vegetables, a fish cake, some flaked salmon with rice, tinned tuna (in water) mixed with pasta and cheese sauce or a fish curry. The possibilities are endless and you should base it around your own family meal preferences.

When it comes to breakfast, suitable cereals include Ready Brek or own brand version, low sugar Cheerios, Weetabix and bite size Shredded Wheat or porridge. You can vary the taste and texture every day by adding mashed fresh fruit, grated carrot (it’s nice in porridge!) smooth nut butters, milled seeds and spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. Here are some more breakfast ideas for you to share with your baby.


I’ve offered advise on how to schedule milk and solids during the day. However, if you are breastfeeding you should offer your baby breast milk on demand. If you are formula feeding, your baby won’t need more than about 600mls or 20oz per day. There is no need for follow on milks. You can offer this as 3-4 feeds, whichever suits you best.

If you are currently weaning your baby, why not book into one of our Baby Weaning Classes for more information on how to progress with weaning over the first year.


Typical Feeding Plan 7-9 month old


A day in the life 7-9 month old Infographic


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