A day in the life of a toddler


I hope that you’ve found my previous plans for your 7-9-month-old and 10-12-month-olds useful. If so, you’ll love this feeding plan for toddlers too.


Toddler Eating


The usual disclaimer!

This plan is there to guide you. I’m not for a second suggesting that you need to follow my timings which are there for illustrative purposes only.  Make it your own!


Helpful strategies:

  • Don’t let your toddler fill up on too much milk, from 1-2 years about 400mls is enough and from 2 years about 300mls.
  • Regular, predictable meals help to prevent and manage fussy eating, hangry meltdowns and to avoid overeating. You’re aiming for three a day.
  • Healthy snacks are essential to top your child up with energy and nutritious foods between meals
  • There is a difference between ‘grazing’ and structured sit-down snacks. 2-3 sit down snacks during the day is the goal.
  • Breastfeed on demand. There are continued benefits for both you and your child, so continue for as long as you and your child wish.
  • After age one, you can change from formula to whole cows milk. There is no need for ‘growing up milk’ or formula. After two years, you can switch to low-fat milk.
  • Allow your child to eat to appetite at meal and snack times but offer suitable sized ‘starter’ portions. If they want more, then let them eat more.
  • Don’t need to boil tap water after 12 months.
  • Don’t’ be tempted to ditch the highchair anytime soon. The safer and more stable your toddler feels while eating, the better they will eat!
  • Eating together and family meals are powerful feeding strategies. You’ll find some help here on meal planning and also serving meals ‘family style’.
  • Expect that your toddler’s appetite will vary meal-to-meal and day-to-day. Keep the motto ‘parent provides, child decides’ in mind!


Toddler Feeding Plan

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