Fussy Eating Class

Managing Fussy Eating-Parent’s Masterclass


Parents tell us that they enjoy happier family mealtimes, feel less stressed about their child’s eating and are more confident about how best to feed their family after attending our Fussy Eating Class.

However, this class is not just for parents of fussy eaters; it’s for any parent who wants to raise a happy, healthy eater and feed their child well!


Fussy Eaters

In 2.5 hours, Caroline O’Connor our registered dietitian will cover WHY, HOW and WHAT to feed your children, along with plenty of time for your questions.




We look at what influences children’s eating habits as they grow and how nutrition requirements change with time.


We look at five key feeding strategies for parents. These strategies have been proven to help kids become adventurous and competent eaters and develop a healthy relationship with food and eating that will last them a lifetime. These are the foundations for food and feeding in your home and can be implemented with children of all ages across the whole family.


Here we separate fact from fiction when it comes to nutrition. We will talk through meal and snack ideas, and you will be able to see actual portion sizes, ideas for the presentation and practical tips for managing family meals with busy lives. You will also learn about how to handle ‘treats’ so that your child doesn’t become ‘treat obsessed’!


The cost of this class is €60 per person or €100 per couple and includes welcome coffee and muffins. Health insurers will cover some of this cost, depending on your policy.

If you are a member of a Parent and Toddler Group, Playgroup, Childcare Facility or Parents Association we are happy to arrange a specially tailored version of this class to your group.

“If you are like me and have a fussy eater on your hands then Solid Start is where you need to go. Not only did this course make me look at the way I associate food with my son, it also made me look at the way I treat meal times. As Caroline says it should not be stressful, that is the biggest lesson I learned today, that and how important family meals are. I have come away really excited and enthused about developing a healthy and happy attitude for our whole family from today on. Caroline’s approach is very relatable as you know that she is speaking from experience having 4 children herself. She isn’t just doling out information from books, she has tried and tested what she is saying. Her honestly about things that have and have not worked for her make you very comfortable in the knowledge that you are doing a good job. I would highly recommend attending this class”
Catherine Ahern, Feb 2018

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