My journey to a paperless practice

Having worked as a dietitian in the public sector for nearly two decades, I wanted my new venture, a private paediatric nutrition business to be ‘paperless’. As working from home and GDPR requirements meant maintaining paper files was not an option.

Initially, I used a system of excel spreadsheets, word documents and Google calendar appointments, which was time-consuming and inefficient. Like most busy dietitians, my priority is investing time with clients and not administrative work.

Luckily I saw a review for Nutrium on a colleague’s website and decided to test this software for my own growing business. Recently Nutrium has adapted to allow health professionals to create nutritional interventions and counselling to children and adolescents. Perfect for Solid Start! I signed up for their free 14-day trial and haven’t looked back since.


If you are interested in trying Nutrium (or if you are already signed up) you can follow this link and use the code: SOLIDSTART for a 25% discount!


Suitable for nutrition professionals working with adults and children

It is possible to register data regarding pregnancy course and child behaviour as well as new data from dietary histories, such as:

• Maternal weight gain
• Maternal behaviours at pregnancy
• Gestational age at birth
• Breastfeeding
• Food diversification
• Milk and infant formulas


My favourite features

Nutrium offers nutrition professionals of varying specialities a wide range of features. Let me highlight the features I’ve found particularly useful for my work in paediatrics.

• Having all of the client’s information in one secure (GDPR compliant) location- There is a facility to upload files for each client: perfect for uploading emails from parents, referral letters from paediatricians and blood results. You can schedule appointments quickly, and Nutrium generates a client list for the clinic day.

• Meal plan templates: Once created, you can import into a client’s file and personalise. These bespoke templates are excellent time-savers and facilitate quick client feedback. Nutritional analyses of meal plans happen during creation either using the inbuilt databases or by adding foods yourself which you can save for future use.


• Recipe development and analysis. These are imported into the client’s meal plans and are automatically included in the final report.


• Recommendations and ‘foods to avoid’ lists can be generated and imported. Adding standard recommendations saves time and provides consistent information to all clients; rather than sending an entire ‘diet sheet’ which may contain irrelevant information for clients you can pick and choose the recommendations to include — thereby creating tailored individualised advice. When you set up your page, you can customise with your logo and colour palette, thus creating professional looking reports for clients. No more stressing about formatting information, the software magically does this for you!


• The customer support is superb. It is instant and always helpful; it feels like as if someone from Nutrium is sitting beside you!



Current limitations

• You can register of weight, length at birth and head circumference.


The WHO Child Growth Standards have been added to assess the weight, growth and adequate development of children, and you can view these growth standards graphs, according to age and gender.
When registering data regarding age, weight and height, depending on the case, it is possible to view several indicators:
o Weight-for-height
o Weight-for-age
o Height-for-age
o BMI-for-age

• It is possible to choose to use Z-scores or percentiles. However, it would be useful to have the UK/Irish centile lines as an option. At present, I need to recalculate centiles for clients to compare with measurements from other health professionals and care pathways.

• Limited formatting options within the recommendations section: My recommendations can be extensive, so it would be useful to have more options for formatting text and paragraphs. Also, the ability to add graphics and tables would make reports more comfortable to read.

• At present, the follow-up sections appear to be more useful for adult/weight management clients. I would like to see an improved follow-up section for recording review consultations.

The bottom line

Having used Nutrium for the past two months, I’m not sure I could manage without it. It has, without doubt, saved time, increased my efficiency as well as giving an added level of professionalism to client reports.


If you are interested in trying Nutrium (or if you are already signed up) you can follow this link and use the code: SOLIDSTART for a 25% discount!


  • This is a sponsored post and I have received a free trial of Nutrium in return for writing this review. However, this is my honest opinion of the product. This post also contains affiliate links, which means that at no extra cost to you I will earn a small commission if you click through*














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