My Top Seven!


There is no shortage of weaning and feeding equipment on the market but here are five pieces of equipment that it’s hard to live without. Apart from your highchair, the rest of the items are under €20 so won’t break the bank.




1. A good highchair- One that supports your baby in a proper upright seated position. This will be your most expensive buy, but you’ll get years of use from the right one. Important considerations are stability, easy to clean and budget.

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2. A steamer: Using an electric or saucepan steamer is the best way to prepare homemade purees and finger foods. Steaming is a handy and nutritious method of cooking food for the whole family, not just your baby.


3. A hand-blender: Regardless of whether you’re planning to spoon feed or go down the baby-led weaning route, a hand blender is handy to have around. Use it to make purees, soups and sauces. You can buy these from as little as €14


4. An open cup: Using an open cup rather than a non-spill sippy cup helps your baby learn the vital skill of sipping. This is better for your baby’s teeth and helps with speech development. Both Babycup,  Doidy cups and Cognikids Sip are good choices.


5. A crinkle chip cutter: This cheap and nifty piece of kitchen kit helps to make finger foods that are hard to grasp more manageable by creating texture for little hands.


6. A grater: I’m sure most kitchens boost one of these. This basic piece of kitchen kit lets you safely prepare foods, like carrot and apple, that may otherwise be a choking hazard.


7. A spoon for self-feeding: Learning how to get the spoon from the bowl to your mouth without dropping the contents can be tricky! Pre-spoons are perfect for the early days, they act like dippers rather than spoons with bowls and have short handles for babies. My favourites are Num Num Gootensils and Cognikids Dip


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