Christmas gifts ideas 2020 to support happy, healthy eaters


Christmas 2020 won’t be our average Christmas! But that won’t stop us getting those presents under the tree. And what better year to buy Irish and for a happier, healthier future?


30 Christmas Gift Ideas for happy, healthy little eaters


30 Christmas gift ideas I know you’ll love

Here’s my round-up of 30 Christmas gift ideas that support babies and young children to learn about food and eating. Some are small, stocking fillers and some are bigger ticket items. 

And because it’s been an exceptionally tough year for retailers, especially those smaller businesses, I want to offer my support. So where possible I’m listing Irish stockists of my favourite products. Some retailers have even been kind enough to offer a discount code. 


Weaning Essentials


Weaning essentials

You don’t need tons of fancy equipment to get your baby off to a good start with solids. But there are some nifty pieces of equipment that can make your life a little bit easier and eating a bit more fun.


Dipper Spoons from Cognikids 

Open Cups from Cognikids

Plates from Accessories4babies

Bibs from Babyboo

Highchair from BellaBaby

Recipe book from Neven Maguire

Ready, Steady, Wean Voucher (online course) from Solid Start


Learning about food through play


Learning about food through play


We all know that children learn about life through play. And there are so many beautiful and sustainable toys available now to help them learn about food and cooking. 


Kitchen from Cogs The Brain Shop (you can use the discount code Solidstart for 10% off)

Shop from Mimitoys

Tea Set from Littleones

Play food from Kaliedy

Play food for babies from Cool Food School

Learning about food through books


Learning about food through books

Books are a fun way for children to learn about where food comes from, how to identify food and generally develop their curiosity about food. They don’t need to be books about ‘healthy eating’, food in general is fine!


What’s on my plate from The Book Depository

Avocado Baby from Nimble Toys

See where food comes from from The Book Depository


Learning about food through gardening


Learning about food through gardening


Mud Kitchen from Ease

Gardening tools from Littleones

Bird Pizza by Freddie and Millie Toys

Grow your monster Greeting Cards from Reuzi

Learning to accept foods through sensory play 


Learning about food through sensory play


All kids, and especially those that we may label as ‘fussy’ will benefit from sensory or messy play. 


Water beads from Sensational Kids

Play Foam from Cogs The Brain Shop ((you can use the discount code Solidstart for 10% off)

Playdough sets from O’Mahonys Booksellers

Learning about food through cooking and baking


Learning about food through cooking and baking


It’s never too early to get kids helping in the kitchen. But we also want to keep them safe while they’re doing it. Here are some items that can help.


Baking Set from Messchef

Cool Kids Cook from Dubray Books

Little Kids safety knives from Messchef (you can use the discount code SOLIDSTART20 for 20% off) or from The Cool Food School (use the discount code SOLID for 10% off orders over €10)

Bigger Kids safety knives from Messchef 

Kitchen Learning Tower from WonderBubz (Use the SOLIDSTART discount code for free shipping worth €15).


Making school lunches fun


Making school lunches fun


The might not be the MOST exciting Christmas presents but they’ll thank you when they head back to school in January.


Yumbox from (you can use the discount code Solidstart for 10% off any product)

Food Flask from

Bento Food Picks from Eats Amazing 


Happy shopping and fingers crossed for a happy and healthy Christmas to you all!


For evidence-based advice on raising a happy, healthy eater check out Raising a Happy, Healthy Eater Masterclass-everything you need to know about HOW and WHAT to feed children aged 6 months-5 years.


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