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With my online Baby Weaning Class, Ready, Steady, Wean you’ll go from confused to confident in no time at all.



Ready, Steady Wean


You’re an expert at feeding your baby milk, but now it’s time to move on. And although starting your baby on solids is exciting, it can be tricky figuring it all out.

There are so many questions to answer and so many sources of information.




You could spend hours trawling the internet, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the conflicting and confusing advice. No two pages say the same thing!

Buying a popular weaning book is an option. But the recipes are often complicated and don’t tell you HOW to feed your baby. Plus they’re usually written by unqualified “experts”.

Or take your chances on advice from family and friends. But this is often out-dated or sometimes even dangerous.

Instead, why not save yourself time, stress and money and get all the answers you need on this Ready, Steady, Wean course.

Online weaning class



This class cuts to the chase. It takes about 90-minutes in total to work through (with a baby on your lap!). But it’s broken up into bite-size chunks of information that you can dip in and out of. You don’t need to sit down and do it from start to finish in one sitting!


With 20 years of professional expertise, 13 years raising my four little eaters and four years running Baby Weaning Classes, I know what you want to know!




Each short lecture answers your question with a short video presentation, additional background information and a download cheat sheet or checklist to help you put it into practice.


    • When should I start?
    • Do I need to choose between baby-led and spoon-feeding?
    • What do I need to buy?
    • When and how do I introduce allergens?
    • What about choking?
    • What’s the best food to start with?
    • When do I up the meals?
    • How do I balance food and milk?
    • Family-friendly recipes and simple meal suggestions




  • Facts and evidence, not fads and opinion. I’m a registered paediatric dietitian and certified lactation consultant and not a self-styled expert.
  • Real-life meal ideas and recipes. No superhuman effort needed!
  • Advice on adapting family foods not shopping for ‘superfoods.’ This will mean no trying to transition to your food at a later date.
  • No unnecessary equipment to buy and store. There are 101 pieces of weaning equipment on the market but very little of this is actually essential.


“After a successful start to my baby’s weaning journey using Caroline’s greens first approach I was so excited to complete her online course. It’s clear and concise and easy to do with a 6 month old in the background.

There are so many mixed messages and myths out there on weaning so getting reliable professional information was much needed.

Love the leaflets and printables that come with the course too.

Highly recommend. Thank you!”


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