I just wanted to let you know that E regained her appetite/interest in food and has been eating well the last few days, trying the majority of foods I present to her and taking in a reasonable amount (but not huge but that’s ok as I just think that’s her!). I am following your suggestion that I present a food she may or may not eat alongside one that there is a high chance she will eat and this is working well, if only to reduce parental anxiety …… but also quite possibly to reduce her own frustration and make it a more positive eating experience. We are also ending meals quicker and moving on. I also find the guideline of what a typical day should include really helpful as it keeps us on track. E is getting fruit or veg with every meal. I have to say her fine motor skills are impressing us- she has started to pick up tiny pieces of food and placing them in her mouth!
Thank you again for the consultation. It was of real benefit to us.
First-time mum of baby E-January 2019

I went to Caroline with assistance for my third baby. He was on dairy free formula as he was showing signs of cows protein intolerance. As he was at the stage for weaning I wanted guidance on what non dairy options I should go for and what was the healthiest etc. Caroline was a great help and now I have a baby who is on normal baby formula! As it turned out he wasn’t intolerant after all which makes the weaning process a lot easier. I would recommend Caroline to any parent who is in a similar situation.

Aoife Lucitt- Nov 18

Great class for fussy toddlers, lots of helpful hints and tips. Really enjoyed it. Started the next day with a family dinner where every one ate something and we spent some quality time together, no fighting over who is eating what.

Geraldine- Feb 18- Toddler Class

Caroline, thank you so much for such an informative class. for some weaning may be a pretty straight forward process but if you want to get it perfect from the start then go to Caroline. Lots of tips and tricks. My 6 month old boy is eating us out of house and home but I don’t mind one bit!.. would hate it if was picky and fussy! He is thriving bless him and we’re both enjoying it. Thanks again Caroline

Helain- Jan 18

If you are like me and have a fussy eater on your hands then Solid Start is where you need to go. Not only did this class make me look at the way I associate food with my son, it also made me look at the way I treat meal times. As Caroline says it should not be stressful, that is the biggest lesson I learned today, that and how important family meals are. I have come away really excited and enthused about developing a healthy and happy attitude for our whole family from today on. Caroline’s approach is very relatable as you know she is speaking from experience having 4 children herself. She isn’t just doling out information from books, she has tried and tested what she is saying. Her honestly about things that have and have not worked for her make you very comfortable in the knowledge that you are doing a good job. I would highly recommend attending this class.

Catherine- Fen 18 Happy, Healthy Eating Class for Young Children

As a paranoid first time mum of a premature baby I found this class so helpful and full of practical information. Caroline was fantastic.

Caroline- Jan 18

Great class, really helps to ease any anxieties/worries you have about starting solids. Great tips! Thanks a million, Caroline

Lisa- Jan 18

Attended this excellent class yesterday with my mum. Really friendly and relaxed setup, babies more than welcome and well-catered for with all the playmats. Caroline is so friendly and great at explaining everything a manner that makes weaning much less daunting! Great information on both spoon-feeding and baby-led weaning (which Granny was v. worried about before the class but went away much happier!). Excellent handout to take away afterwards with great recipes and tips. Really liked the fact that Caroline had equipment and food all laid out for everyone to see, helped give you a good idea of what’s ahead of you. Would absolutely recommend this class to anyone who’s thinking or, or is ready to start, weaning their baby. You definitely leave feeling empowered and ready for the messy fun times ahead!

Jean-Jan 2018

“I really enjoyed the class, it was laid out really well and so relaxed. The information was clear, sensible and straightforward- a balanced approach and I liked that it was backed up by evidence and Caroline’s own experience. I feel much more confident now”


“I attended the Baby Weaning Class and thought it was excellent. Very informative whether you are doing baby led, spoon feeding or a mixture. I’d highly recommend the class even if you’ve already started solids”


“I would highly recommend Caroline’s class. I’m aware of the time and effort needed for weaning and wanted an approach that would integrate into busy family life and work around all the school runs and activities! Caroline’s friendly, no nonsense approach and practical tips were fantastic”


“Caroline presents weaning in a very practical, logical way that will fit in with all family meals. She gives great recipes and practical and professional tips. Highly recommend her class.”


“I would highly recommend this class in a world where there is information overload”.


“Myself and my hubby recently attended this workshop. We both found it extremely helpful. For something I personally had myself stressed out about before the workshop I left feeling that it’s not going to be half as stressful as I had initially thought. Thanks Caroline would definitely recommend the workshop to all my new mammy friends”


“Attended Caroline’s weaning class today and came away with loads of practical information. She simplifies weaning and makes it a lot less scary than it has to be. Relaxed setting where crying babies are welcome and delicious muffins. Would highly recommend”


“I would highly recommend Caroline’s workshop. Caroline gives great information on weaning both spoon fed and baby led. Caroline makes herself available for any questions you might have after you finish the course and arise as part of weaning. I would advise anyone starting to wean to attend this course.”


This is my third baby and i still got lots of tips and ideas. Its great to get the advice straight from a qualified dietitian. Its also great to know the weaning process doesn’t have to be so complicated! The handouts are full of handy easy recipes. I would recommend this workshop to anyone about to embark on the weaning process be it your first child or not.