A day in the life of a 10-12-month-old


Since I posted my 7-9-month-old feeding plan a few months ago, pleas have flooded in from followers for follow-on guides. And, finally here is the next instalment.


Parent asking for help with weaning


Firstly though, a disclaimer! This plan is intended as a general guide and not as a rigid plan followed to a tee!  Timings are included so you can see how you balance milk, meals and sleeps, but every family will have their own schedule, and you should do what works best for you and your baby.



Weaning 10-12 month old

Keep in mind:

  • Food will provide more nutrition than milk
  • Regular, predictable meals are essential. You’re aiming for three a day.
  • Snacks aren’t essential at this age (but if you want to offer a small snack between meals, then do!). Milk is the between-meal snack, and there are only so many hours in the day to eat!
  • Breastfeed on demand- I’ve planned three breastfeeds per day, but many babies will feed more often than this. Your baby will regulate their intake, so you don’t need to worry. However, it might be useful to offer some feeds after food rather than before so not to fill them up on milk. Your baby will probably be feeding overnight.
  • Formula requirements drop from 600mls (20oz) to about 400mls (14oz) per day
  • Self-feeding and some responsive spoon-feeding are the best ways for your baby to regulate their food intake. And remember there are no portion sizes guidelines for this age group, so feed to appetite.
  • Water needs to be boiled and cooled until after 12 months (FSAI)
  • Sleeps: I’m not a sleep expert, I’ve included two naps in the schedule as I believe this is what is considered normal at this age. You’ll know what works best for your baby, so adjust as needed. I will say that sleep and food are linked with a tired baby generally not eating as efficiently as a well-rested one.


10-12 month feeding plan

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Family meals are key.


Adapt family meals for weaning


‘Meat and Two Veg’, vegetarian, good cook or learner. It doesn’t matter. Flexibility is vital in all aspects of parenting and feeding, so feel free to make this plan your own. Always keep in mind that the priority is offering your baby a wide range of family foods making the most of this opportunity to influence your baby’s future eating habits.

Meal preparation doesn’t need to be complicated and time-consuming. Mashed salmon with potato and broccoli finger food is just as nutritious as a complicated fish pie that you slaved over for hours. Give your baby foods you want them to eat in the future! So if you see a future for ‘chicken, sweet potato and grapes’ as a family meal then go ahead and cook it for your baby, if not adapt one of your own tried and tested meals.

Read more about how to plan and adapt family meals for babies here


When it comes to breakfast, suitable cereals include Ready Brek or own brand version, low sugar Cheerios, Weetabix and bite-size Shredded Wheat or porridge. You can vary the taste and texture every day by adding mashed fresh fruit, grated carrot (it’s tasty in porridge!) smooth nut butter, milled seeds and spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger.

Here are 10 more breakfast ideas for you and your baby


The tricky third meal

Dinner, tea, or supper! A meal by many names and universally the one that parents seem to struggle with the most. Check out my suggestions for offering simple, quick and easy meals that aren’t just fruit and yoghurt!



Happy Weaning!







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